Ubla Dubla Trubla


Ubla Dubla Trubla is a show by Compagnie Crache Larmes, a trio of clowns - Selena McMahan, Linda Lemmetty, and Tristan Green - that was conceived for performance on World Water Day 2011. It was directed by Susana Alcantud, and I provided a bit of musical advice, as well as the entrance music. (I wouldn't say I wrote anything as much as tapped our collective unconscious for what would be called "solemn" and appropriate for a procession.) The video above contains some highlights from the 20-minute presentation, including a quick excerpt of my tune.


  • Premiere: March 22, 2011, by Compagnie Crache Larmes at Jardin Catherine-Labouré in the 7th arrondissement of Paris
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