some composers I like

Jenny Olivia Johnson; Nomi Epstein; Moon Young Ha; Angelica Negron; Aaron Einbond; Casey Hale; Samuel Andreyev; Nick Patterson; Tristan Perich; Ofer Pelz; Jessica Feldman; Monica Lynn; Nick Norton; Ellen Lindquist; Doug Geers; Jessica Rudman; Paula Matthusen; Onur Yildirim; David Hernandez Ramos, Ronen Landa; Phil Schuessler; Lisa Coons; Florie Namir; Hiroya Miura; Joe DiPonio; Amy Beth Kirsten; Timo Andres; Jennifer Jolley; Federico Garcia; Liza White; Ted Goldman; Paul Kerekes; Ed Nesbitt; Fergal Dowling; Milica Djordjevic; Ori Talmon; Graham Flett; Andrea Sarto/a>; Davide Ianni; Jonghee Kang; Gregoire Lorieux; Lisa Streich; Maxime Barthelemy; Hiroki Tsuromoto; Ruben Naeff

some organizations that I like

Make Music New York; New Music Raleigh; June in Buffalo; ; in DC; l'Académie Musicale de Villecroze in the south of France; What A Neighborhood in Morningside Heights, NYC; soundinitiative; Le Cabaret Contemporaina; Le Balcon; International Vocal Arts Workshop in Groxnjan, Croatia; The American Conservatory at Fontainebleau; Tent in Toronto; Ottawa New Music Creators; Le Clavecin en France, XXe/XXIe siecles; Musique d'aujourd'hui en scene & Trafic collectif; Sinfonietta Paris; Classwar Karaoke; Babelscores; The Enloe Symphony Orchestra and The Triangle Youth Philharmonic, the orchestras of my youth;The Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players; Ensemble Interface

some performers I like, many of whom have performed my work

Harpsichordist Tami Morse, (Baroque) violinist Marc Levine, and Flying Forms, the Baroque ensemble Marc and Tami lead, and Tulio Rondon; Cie Crache Larmes, a clown trio with whom I worked to produce Ubla Dubla Trubla; Flutist Kelli Kathman, QNG, recorder quartet; Pianist Penny Brandt; Yarn/Wire, for two pianos and two percussion; Blue Strings, a classical mandolin & guitar duo; Solaris Duo - saxophone and piano; Saxophonist Ronan Baudry; Saxophonist/Bass Clarinetist Andrew D'Angelo; Violinist Esther Noh; Baroque violinist Louella Alatiit; Violist Lev Zhurbin; Singer Jocelyn Claire Thomas; and Saxophonist Pedro Bittencourt; Violinist Masha Lankowsky; Sarah Niblack; Jane McMahan; Bandeonista Matias Gonzalez; Pop/Jazz French Horn Player Amie M and her band Amie Amis; Violist and singer Marla Hansen; The Orfeo Duo; Soprano Elizabeth Hillebrand; Pianist Trami Nguyen; Soprano Elisabeth Holmertz; Clarinetist Rebecca Danard; Contrebassiste Florentin Ginot

some influences and teachers

My vielle a roue teacher, Anne-Catherine Hurault; My former computer music teachers, Jean-Yves Bernhard and Jonathan Pontier; my dad; Allain Gaussin; Marco Stroppa; Bernard Cavanna; Fred Lerdahl">

blogs, music and otherwise, in no particular order, ever-growing

Strange Maps; The Rambler; therestisnoise; Soho the Dog; Megan V Williams; Nico Muhly; Daniel Stephen Johnson; coloursofbohemia; detritus reviewed; Iron Tongue (fellowstonybrookalum); about sidewalk culture in the Twin Cities, by my inverse (urban theorist by day, musician by night); Judd Greenstein; Tina Antolini; Deceptively Simple; Mark Adamo; Pierre de Brun, architect; Why Compose if You Can Blog?

me, elsewhere

on Soundcloud, at Babelscores; at myspace

some "masters" whom I've learned a lot from

J. Brahms, Morton Feldman, Igor Stravinsky, Steve Reich, Gyorgy Ligeti, George Crumb, Luciano Berio, Giacinto Scelsi, Beat Furrer, Martin Matalon

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