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  • New Music for Old Instruments, the album I recorded with Flying Forms will be released on October 13, 2014! More details to follow. Come to our release party at The Baroque Room!
  • I will also be giving a talk in Minnesota, at Gustavus Adolpus College, on Oct. 9. Thank you to Esther Wang and the Gustavus music department for the invitation!
  • Recording of Hell Study is here.
  • The performance by Ostravska Banda of Hell Study: Nature morte with hurdy-gurdy has been reviewed three times now, in diverse languages! Kurt Gottschalk wrote in English, and in newmusicbox, and he said something really observant, that the piece is "cinematic, but there were several movies playing at the same time." Thank you Kurt -- that's basically exactly what's happening! The piece also shows up in two reviews over here, in both Czech and Polish. I don't know who you are, betonowechabry, but thank you for listening! Google translate doesn't make the review especially clear in English, but the tone is positive. The last one is in Czech, and its meaning is even more obtuse when translated, though it seems a bit less enthusiastic. However, the photo on the top of the page is of my devilishy happy octet!
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  • Allan Kozinn on Trio in the June 11, 2012 New York Times:
    Nissim Schaulís Trio for violin, cello and percussion (2010) made its points less noisily but nearly as powerfully. You could hear a hint of Feldman here. Mr. Schaulís sounds are spare and whispered, with a dissonant but compelling edge that keeps you fascinated.

    My thanks to June in Buffalo and Ensemble Interface for making this crazy thing possible!

    See also my blog about it.

  • Read about some Minnesota Dreaming (my trip to Minnesota and Iowa to record New Music for Old Instruments with Flying Forms and Tulio Rondon in June and July 2012) here
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