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MidSummer for orchestra

2000, revised 2007, 15 minutes

midSummer is one of those programmatic works that developed its story during composition, rather than beforehand. It is about a summer heat-wave, an oppressive and unyielding heat and humidity that on occasion will overtake my home town, Raleigh, North Carolina. When the coldest it gets all night is 85ļ (30 C), and that isnít even a relief because the humidity increases at night into a wet density that makes it difficult to breath. It is this sense of slowness, of lethargy that the extreme and overwhelming heat causes that is here recreated. Hence, the work is static, moving very slowly and somewhat aimlessly.


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  • May 2000, read by the Columbia University Orchestra (George Rothman, conductor) at Columbia University, New York, NY.
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