flute Trio and percussion

2010, 10-15 minutes

Flute trio with percussion by nissim schaul

I have been working for quite some time to pare down my notation to the bare minimum that the performers will require in order to perform a piece that sounds composed and not improvised at random. In flute Trio and percussion, I leave a lot of space to the performers to decide things like the length and placement of each note, the number of repetitions of a figure, and articulations and dynamics - while providing signposts that allow them to stay together by listening to and watching each other. The result is a complex game of listening, responding, and cueing amongst the musicians, and also a sense of danger, of performing without a net, that should filter into the sound of the work.

Although the piece's temporal and expressive parameters are quite free, the subtle shadings in sound that pervade the work are in many cases very precisely indicated.

flute Trio and percussion is an arrangement of Trio (for violin, ‘cello, and percussion) made at the request of Kelli Kathman. The original Trio was written for the Music X festival in Blonay, Switzerland.


If you are interested in a score and parts for the Trio, please contact Nissim. First flute plays flute in C and alto flute, second flute plays alto flute, and third fulte plays bass flute.


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  • November 30, 2010: Premiere by Kelli Kathman, Bonnie McAlvin, Roberta Michel (flutes) and Barret Hipes (percussion) at Elbash Recital Hall of the CUNY Graduate Center, New York, NY. They are playing in the recording above.
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