4 Preludes for Harpsichord

2007, 7.5 minutes

  1. Substitutions
  2. Unmeasured
  3. No Thumbs!
  4. Rolling

These four preludes are written at an intermediate difficulty level. The piece is appropriate for students of pretty good, but not necessarily professional, technical skill, and covers a wide range of peculiarly harpsichordy technique.

I have also arranged them for Flying Forms, a trio of Baroque violin, viola da gamba, and harpsichord.


The arrangement, 4 Preludes for Harpsichord, for Baroque trio was recorded by Flying Forms on their album, New Music for Old Instruments, which is available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.


If you are interested in a score of the 4 Preludes, please contact Nissim.

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